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More Rainbows on Sunday…

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Given our wet winter NW weather, there was no horseback riding, but there was knitting (and frogging).  I went to Seaview, WA with a knitting friend for a getaway weekend.  Allen and Michal at The Lion’s Paw Inn were wonderful (despite our late evening arrival).  The food and conversations were great.  I think it would be hard to go back without staying there!  Stella will come with me next time.  I think she’ll get along very well with the Millers’ three dogs.  Here’s a picture of Taz’s favorite place inside…

Taz’s window seat

We went to the World Kite Museum, the Tapestry Rose Yarn Shop, Full Circle Cafe (next to the Tapestry Rose), Heron & Beaver Pub and The Port Bistro.  While having lunch in the Cafe, I found a mistake in the socks I’ve been working on…thought it was just on one side of one sock.  I was not looking forward to dropping 3 stitches to correct in each of the 7 repeats.  Back at the Inn, I found another error even further back in both socks and ripped out 8 rounds on each.  As of this morning, I caught up.  Here are some more pics from the weekend…

The top sock is frogged, the bottom shows the mistake (a slight shift by doing row 2 instead of row 4).  I don’t like leaving mistakes.  The other sides of the socks are cooler colors, but they seem to blending more now.  Cherry Tree HillSupersocks yarn in Brights colorway, Central Air Pattern from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on size 1, 47″ Addi Turbo needle:

Cherry Tree Hill - Brights

The beach about 100 yards from Tapestry Rose & Full Circle Cafe:


Tetrahedron kite: 


Framed antique crocheted lace (see the peacock feathers?) from the Boston Commons room: 


On the way home, many rainbows…several were doubles, but the photos weren’t so clear with the rain and windshield: