Retro post #1…

Since I am sooo behind on posting, I’m going to work on some retro posts.  Please bear with my extreme tardiness!

9 September, 2007

Here’s a pic of Blue Street, Yokosuka at night.  I wasn’t driving, but it can be a bit scary to drive on this street with all of the hustle.  In my first three weeks of driving in Japan, I turned on my windshield  wipers five times when I meant to use my turn signal.  This really isn’t too bad if you consider the first five hours of driving in the U.S. after moving to Japan, I turned the wipers on five times.  There were witnesses for three of the times…


Here’s a nice Japanese man we met at a local beverage establishment…Kristen, Rich and I learned a lot about Japanese culture and history that night.  I successful example of talking with strangers…


10 September, 2007 

The next day, we visited Yokohama with the intent to shop at a flea market.  We missed the market, but went to Chinatown.  Here I am with Marlys, near the entrance to a shrine. 


11-13 September, 2007

The next week, I moved into my house and had a birthday.  I share the same birthday with Tim, and my boss’s wife, Sherri.  Another friend, Steve,  in Japan has his birthday the day before.  Unfortunately, several people were sick and couldn’t make the dinner to celebrate all four birthdays.  Here I am, cutting the chocolate birthday cake with Tim, Juan and Marlys watching.  We went to Yanchaya for the delicious meal. 


 I’ll probably do a whole post on my house, so hold your horses…

15-16 September, 2007

The following weekend, Kristen and I made the (slightly) harrowing trek to Ikea.  This was my first time driving on toll roads in Japan.  I was very glad to not be doing it alone! 


This trip re-emphasized how much I love my car (RAV4)..and this isn’t with everything out of the carts:


The next day was a pilgramage to the 5-story 100 Yen (Daiso) shop in Machida.  We had to drive instead of taking the train since we knew we were going to practice “professional shopping”.  Next time, we’re going to take my rolling shopping cart instead of dragging hand baskets and bags around.

Here’s Kristen, showing how excited we were to actually find the place after going in the bus station with her car.  We didn’t learn that “buses only” sign very well in our driving course!


One Response to “Retro post #1…”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Glad to hear that you had fun with Kristin. Isn’t she great?

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