Labor Day weekend travels…

Saturday morning, I successfully took the train to the future rental home’s closest station and managed to find said rental home directly, within 10 minutes of easy walking.  By easy, I mean not up a really steep hill…just a little one.  One I could bear pulling two wheeled suitcases up after riding the train for 2+ hours from the airport…but maybe not after eating one of everything at the bakery on the way. 

That afternoon, Jim, Mary and I went to Yokohama to see the Yokohama Bay Stars beat the Tokyo Giants by one run (a home run, actually) in the bottom of the 9th inning…8 to 7.  The game was great, although over 4 hours long.  I got the clapping portions of the cheers, but am still baffled by the words that accompany them!  Here’s a pic of my lunch (first course – I had to have a McD’s cheeseburger later):


For the record, I did try the fish – it was okay, but I was concerned about the bones still inside…that’s my excuse for not finishing it…yeah…

On Sunday, I went with some friends to Hase (by route of Kamakura) to see the Great Buddha.  I managed to get a sunburn on only my right shoulder.  Here I am, pre-sunburn, with the Daibutsu (Great Buddha):


Afterwards, I had the best cantalope melon ice cream ever…and a few hours later had more dessert – a slice of choco-vanilla cake.  Sidebar – I’m looking forward to making small cakes in my small Japanese oven soon.  Despite all the desserts and other carb-infested (not really, actually) foods, I am still shrinking.  Smaller Levis may be on the list of items for care packages. 

We found a Shinto Shrine on our way to the beach in Hase.  I’ve never seen ravens as large as the ones there!   

On Monday, Jim and Mary and I met up with a friend-of-a-friend and her friend – both visiting for a conference in Japan (she a Canadian from Boston and he from Ireland).  We went to Hakone and bought weekday passes that allowed us to pay one fee to ride several modes of public transit – including trains, buses, cable cars and pirate ships.  It was a great day for talking to strangers – from the young Japanese boy singing his ABC’s (the English version) to two gentlemen in the train station – one visited many cities in the U.S., the other lived in Kentucky and Tennessee for over two decades.  We all took turns helping to snap pictures of people for them on our travels.  I also added 14 years to my life by eating two black eggs hard-boiled at the sulphur springs of Owakudani.  You could only buy them six at a time, so it was fun sharing them, including with a young Japanese couple whom I refused payment – I thought being brave enough to ask in English for one was enough!

All-in-all, a great weekend.  I only ended up with four new cell phone charms and three packs or origami paper. 

Here are some pictures from Monday:






5 Responses to “Labor Day weekend travels…”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Oh, this is marvelous! Love the pictures and reading about your adventures!

  2. Stacy Says:

    You look fabulous in the brown slip shirt. You must be so proud. Keep up the good (dieting) work, carbs or no!

    Cheers, S

  3. Anna Says:

    Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Japan looks pretty humid, or is it just the hot summer weather! LOL You look great, dieting isn’t easy, but the results are so worth it! 😀

  4. Steve Says:

    Happy Birthday today Bethany!

  5. scott hogin Says:

    Great pixs Bethany. It takes me a while to download them with this 56k connection. Sounds like you are having quite an adveture in Japan. We are now living in Portland OR. Mary Jane got tired of the Seattle commute and got on as an accountant with Portland Police Bureau. Going t try to make it up Washington park and shoot some pictures of the rose gardens. Always good to read your blog. Later


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