Quick trip to Japan…

So I’m only in country for a few days, but have had a great time.  Unfortunately, I took the world’s worst pictures at dinner last night…at least, I thought they were fun and artistic last night, but now they make me dizzy.  Six of us went to dinner (Jim, Mary, Richard, Tim, Ken and myself) at a place I’m hoping to be able to find again.  It was such good food!  From sashimi, omelet, fried cheese (with mayo for dipping, of course), kimchi, fries to pizza, we tried everything.   I should have taken some pictures of the food before we ate it!  I don’t think I’ve figured out my pixelation problems, though…sorry.



Back home, my kitchen countertops are (hopfully) getting finished.  Over the last trip (and for a bit longer) the outside of the house was painted.  While the tan (a.k.a. latte) isn’t that far from the peachy color the house was before, the new green door and fresh paint makes everything look so much better! 


While I’m going back in time, the weekend before I flew here, I spent the majority of Saturday typing as fast as I could while preparing for the Luminary Ceremony at the Central Kitsap Relay for Life.  The ceremony was great – big thanks are owed to the volunteers from Girl Scout Troops 144 and 612, the three Jim’s from Peninsula Pipes & Drums, Nose Ormsby and Angela Martin, as well as all of our name readers!  My personal kudos goes to Lori Carlson for volunteering to co-chair with me.  With all my work committments, it wouldn’t have been successful without her!  It was a dreary weekend, but the heavy rain held out until the awards ceremony on Sunday.  I have been told there are a few Relay for Life events here in Japan, too.  Here’s a quick shot of the Surivors releasing their balloons before walking the first lap of the 24-hour relay. 


 …and here’s how tired you feel after the event – so tired, you don’t sleep in the tent, you fall onto it.  Actually, Jacob is attempting to pack up the tent at the end of the event.  Incidentally, his Japanese studies are two years more in-depth than my own…


3 Responses to “Quick trip to Japan…”

  1. anna Says:

    Looks like the food was great!!!

    Kudos for participating in Relay for Life. 😀

    Nice paint job on the house. 😉

  2. shetalkstostrangers Says:

    The food was so good! Part of the reason for such a short trip was to be able to do the Relay, and get back for the Ride and Rally for a Cure. I’ll have to post some pics from that trip, too.
    Now just to paint the inside in a few weeks…

  3. digital-glamour.com Says:

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    hey great stuff

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