Weeks two and three…

Sorry for the apparent pixelation of some of my photos.  I think I changed a setting on my new camera and that’s where things went wrong. 

I’m back in the US, but I wanted to post some of the other pics from the trip.  Apology stands…

While I was in Japan, I tried several drinks from the many drink vending machines.  This is one of the machines in a JR station – you can use your train pass proximity reader to make purchases. 

And a close-up of one I just don’t think I’ll ever try…

The flower exhibit at the National Museum of Science in Tokyo was amazing – even if we couldn’t read 99% of the signs!  The exhibit included information about reproduction, pigmentation, dyeing, arranging, sped up video of many flowers blooming, etc.  There was a gift shop.  I just realized I left the magnet I bought on the fridge in the hotel room.  Bummer! 

Here’s one of the signs:


We also went to Yunessen.  I’ve realized that no one is very photogenic when relaxing in hot springs…but here’s a picture of the creepy one where these little fish come and eat the dead skin off your feet.  The feet with the fish – Juan’s on his second trip.  The pale one on the right with no fish – mine.  Guess I exfoliated my feet enough walking on stones that day or jumped too much for the fish to hold on!


One Friday after work, Frank and I spotted the sculpture in Chuo Park and figured out (with the help of a nice elementary school teacher) how to get there:

…and a small sample of one of the many hydrangeas we saw:

I met Juan in Machida to drag him yarn shopping.  This was my first time taking the train by myself.  A stranger found me on my way to a connection train to ensure I made it to the right one, since she’d seen me check my map while riding next to me.  On the way to the shop recommended, we found an even better store – Okadaya (blue and white sign in the center).  They had entire floors dedicated to different handicrafts, and a discount card.  I bought 15 of the 21 skeins needed for making a Lizard Ridge blanket.  I figured out that I’m saving over $60 by buying it there than in the US.  While yarn is cheaper, accessories (needles, hooks, counters) are often more expensive.  No Addi Turbos to be found, either.  (Something else to stock up on besides Levi’s and shoes.)

That’s about it for pictures.  As for other tidbits: I won one game of bingo (along with 4 other people) and Mary won a door prize.  I happened upon a great deal on a RAV4, so I bought it and am very grateful to co-workers keeping it for me until I move.  I got answers to questions I had on a crochet pattern – in a mix of Japanese and English.  I used a traditional Japanese toilet only once, while in the Yokohama JR train station.  I didn’t eat sushi for all three weeks.  I’m told this is a crime, especially for me, since I love sushi.  My first meal when I got home – Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger. 

9 Responses to “Weeks two and three…”

  1. Julie Says:

    Yeah, more pictures! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you stayed very busy in Japan (no surprise there!) and had a great time. Again, sorry I missed you Friday. We’ll catch up soon!

  2. shetalkstostrangers Says:

    I never would have thought I could find so many yarn sources in such close proximity. With the lack to parking, though, I won’t be able to buy loads at a time – my hands will hurt from all the carrying. I did have a few really nice days of relaxing…

  3. Uncle Flip Says:

    Heh. If Pocari Sweat amuses you, get your computer in contact with the server at http://www.engrish.com. I just have one warning: drinking anything while reading this site is a bad idea, unless you don’t mind cleaning your monitor at regular intervals. 😉

    Be well

  4. Scott Says:

    Nice pixs!!! It looks like you will spend all your money, in Japan, on yarn. Hard to resist. I would be the same way with electronics , in Japan. Check out that http://www.engrish.com site mentioned by UF. Its very interesting. Hope things going well.


  5. shetalkstostrangers Says:

    That website is so funny! I think I’ll be able to contribute a lot! With packing, I’ll soon find out exactly how much yarn I currently own, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it (more) in control in the future…

  6. anna Says:

    Those little fish are so tiny! I know it would take me awhile to get use to that!!! What the devil; Pocari SWEAT?! Whew, the things you learn and see in different countries. :-p

    You’ve gotta take a photo while you’re in a yarn shop over there. I can’t believe they have so many craft stores. 😀

  7. stacyC Says:

    Loooovvvveeee the pictures. You are well on your way to another fabulous adventure. Go you!

  8. shetalkstostrangers Says:

    @anna – about the time you get used to them nibbling away, you are instructed to take your feet out. I need to work on my Japanese a bit to ask to take the photo – I don’t want to offend any of the shop owners.

    @stacy – thanks! See you in three weeks!

  9. recreational vehicling-backpacking-camping Says:

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