My first week in Japan…

So you might have heard by now that I’m moving back east – but to the Far East.  In preps for the move, I’m in Japan for two weeks. 

I started off my stay by finishing a pair of socks for a friend’s grandaughter – Kitchner stiches performed in the “Meeting Area” at Narita.


I’ve been lucky to have good friends also in town (and they’ll be here when I move, too).  I met Jim and Mary through church and I couldn’t ask for better friends in a new place!  They’ve been over here for a while and have the public transportation system down.

The following events are not all-inclusive of my stay…just what I can stay up to type tonight.

About 3 blocks from my hotel (and future office) is a yarn shop:


(On a Sunday night stroll, another shop around the corner was discovered – I’m bound to visit soon.)


After getting acquanted with the area, we did some preliminary rental house searching.  Mary, my co-worker-Jason (who is also moving with his family to Japan) and I got to see a newly listed rental house in Zushi.  I’d like to note that it does have an oven, but for Thanksgiving dinner, it would have to be Cornish game hen, given it’s size!



We then went to Tokyo to pick up some things at Hard Rock Cafe for our US boss:


I want you to know, I will not be without some American “ammenities” while in Japan.  Spring, do a happy dance with me:


Besides Lush, there’s also an Outback Steakhouse and Cold Stone Creamery in Roppongi. 


The long weekend was a ton of fun…a couple of things to share…

Roses in Verny Park:

Jim and Mary among the roses in Verny Park:


That’s it for now…I’ll have to tell more about the flower exhibit at The National Science Museum and Yunessen later…

6 Responses to “My first week in Japan…”

  1. Julie Says:

    Cool! It’s so exciting to see some pictures from your trip. Can’t wait to hear more stories when you return. Looks like you’ve been getting some good weather, too. Good luck and happy travels!

  2. Scott Hogin Says:


    Neat to see your pix around Japan. I am sure there is a lot “americanized” stuff around the bigger cities. Glad to see you have a lot of support from friends in Japan. Looks like a cool place. I was only sorry that I never got a chance to stop in Japan when I was in the service. I just passed thru on my way back to the states. Have a good time there. Go visit some Zen temples if you get a chance. Later

  3. Spring Says:

    LUSH!! I know there are several dotted around the country. It makes me wonder how the price converts there, I bet it is a better deal there than here due to the kilo/pound conversion.

  4. Lesley Says:

    Wow those pictures are great! Nice socks too! Love the colors! I hope your flight was good! See you Tuesday!

  5. Tana Says:

    Hey there! Glad to hear you had a good trip. The pictures are really cool. The socks are so pretty! I hope I get to see you before you leave!

  6. shetalkstostrangers Says:

    Thanks for all the comments…
    @Julie – I have so many pics and so little time to butcher the reformatting of them for the blog.
    @Scott – Zen temples are a definite must!
    @Spring – there’s a receipt somewhere…and a punch card, too.
    @Lesley & Tana – it’s going to be great to have a not-so-selfish-reason to knit tons of socks for myself with removing my shoes everywhere.

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